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About the Author

Drunvalo Melchizedek (born Bernard Perona, also formerly known as AKBAR and Hummingbird) is an esoteric researcher. He has authored four books and founded several schools of New Age teaching, such as the School of Remembering. He was formerly associated with the Seed Of Life Institute. Melchizedek was born January 18, 1941 (age 82) in Alameda, California as Bernard Donald Perona to Charles Perona and Minnie Ashton. He changed his name legally in 1991, although claims that the persona of Melchizedek arrived in 1972.

Melchizedek has attended the University of California Berkeley, acquiring a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In addition, he has claimed to have studied physics and mathematics, even though there is no evidence of that and he holds no credentials in any of those fields. He is however a lifelong researcherm, he lived among shamans and indigenous peoples. Drunvalo deeply researched ancient history and culture. Melchizedek’s claims are broad and varied, but some aspects of it are more prominent. Common elements involve Hindu meditation, Christianity and other Abrahamic religions and offshoots, particularly Kabbalah.

Sacred Geometry, or Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry is the belief that fundamental properties of the universe can be quantified into simple shapes and patterns. According to Melchizedek, the ability to see these patterns has been hidden, until the time for modern technology to aid further human evolution and consciousness exploration. The core of this geometry is a grid of overlapping circles known as the Flower of Life.


Merkaba or Mer-Ka-Ba, variously said to be an Egyptian term or a Zulu term (but resembles the Hebrew word for “chariot” which is associated with Merkabah mysticism), is a supposed invisible, metaphysical energy field that surrounds the human body, consisting of tetrahedrons that rotate around the body. A slowly rotating merkaba is considered negative. Modern-day humans, it is said, have had their merkabas slowed to a stop, and with the “right” meditation, their merkaba can be restored, allowing ascension to a higher state of being, which Melchizedek claims to have already achieved. Merkaba energy is supposedly detectable by man-made technology, such as by military satellites, and is claimed to have been used in various secret government programs.


  • The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Vol. 1
  • The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Vol. 2
  • Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart
  • Serpent of Light: Beyond
  • The Mayan Ouroboros: The Cosmic Cycles Come Full Circle
  • Journeys into the Heart