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About the Author

Daniel Strachman has been working on Wall Street for more than twenty years in various capacities, including institutional brokerage, money management, and mutual fund and hedge fund product development and marketing. He is an expert in all aspects of retail and institutional distribution for both traditional and alternative investment products and services. Daniel is also fully versed in strategic planning for both investment firms and firms that provide services to the investment community. He has provided consulting services to companies around the world to help make their organizations expand and prosper in both good and bad economic times.

Daniel is the author of nine books on investment strategy, the hedge fund industry, and investment managers. His articles have appeared in The Financial Times, The Boston Globe, Interview Magazine, The New York Post and American Banker. He is often quoted and appears in the news media and is formally an adjunct professor at Rutgers University Business Schoo where he taught graduate and under graduate courses in corporate finance and investment management. Mr. Strachman graduated from Clark University with a Bachelor of Arts.