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About the Author

I began trading in 1983, after ten years as an engineer, working for a major oil company. All my experience as a trader and advisor has been on the corporate and institutional proprietary side, focusing on the energy sector. I currently actively provide trading and hedging advisory services (including my technical trading methods and algorithms) to about 60 energy corporates and banks, carrying over 40 billion dollars in exposure.

Because institutional traders often trade a narrow range of contracts, they can not use diversification to lessen risk. In addition to making money, they must make it in a conservative, risk averse manner. Thus the trading techniques and indicator mathematics they use are more rigorous than those normally proffered to private investors. Managers who hold the purse strings are more comfortable with financial mathematics that make logical sense versus the more empirical techniques common in the public domain.

I reveal in my book the world of the sophisticated, state-of-the-art algorithms that are rarely glimpsed in the domain of the individual investor. Included is a discussion of my work in momentum, for which I won the Market Technicians Association “Best of the Best” award.