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About the Author

Conrad Alvin Lim, is one of Singapore s few successful Professional On-Line Traders. As the resident Wealth Coach at Adam Khoo Education Group since December 2006, Conrad has trained more than 1,500 students in the art and science of trading and investing.

He is very sought after for his intimate knowledge of Technical Analysis, Candlestick Pattern Application, Sector Rotation and short term trading techniques including Day Trading and Scalping. He is also known for his unique and simplified application of Fibonacci and for his Defensive and Psychological approach to trading.

Conrad runs his own Pattern Trader Tutorial (Wealth Academy Trader) and advanced trading tutorials for short term traders and along with Adam Khoo, he also trains at AKEG s Wealth Academy and Wealth Academy Investor programs. The demand for his Wealth programs has moved beyond Singapore s shores to Malaysia and Indonesia. Conrad is also the author of ‘Secrets Psychology of Millionaire Traders’ and Best Selling co-author of book ‘Secrets of Millionaire Investors’

Today, Conrad s trading consistency is renowned as he is able to trade for US$2,500 per day trade or US$15,000 to US$20,000 a month. His trademark 5DPEG (5 Day Pre-Earnings Game), still a favorite amongst novices, continues to deliver a 92% success rate while he continues to deliver his low risk trading techniques which include the Minimal Risk Entries, PHI-Bonacci Expansion, The Standard 6 and Sector Trading.