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About the Author

Bill Eykyn has been a journalist, writer and broadcaster. So he came to the market with a very different perspective from the norm. He started, like so many, with a newspaper ad. This one led him to trade FTSE options on BBC2 through a broker with hot tips. After the obvious happened, he was introduced to the FTSE Futures, using a special TV aerial for the data feed.

Then options on the American grain markets (via satellite and a clunking DOS program), including a hair-raising run on the Soyabeans. Finally – and none too soon – he was introduced to the T-Bonds in Chicago by a CBOT and CME Member, where he gained a wealth of experience, in and around the pits. For several years the trading was through a satellite feed from DBC in America, but then the company metamorphosed into E-Signal and its internet feed – and these are the charts used throughout the book. “Trading should be viewed”, says Bill, “as a game played by the Big Boys, with savvy traders following in their footsteps – and this is where my concept of price action trading comes in.”

This book is actually a sort of swan-song, because Bill Eykyn is retiring to a farmhouse in Andalucia, where presently there are no telephone lines. However, as soon as he can get a satellite communications system up and running, his three novels currently on the go will be put on the back burner – yet again!