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About the Author

Alfred S. Posamentier (born October 18, 1942) is an American educator and a lead commentator on American math and science education, regularly contributing to The New York Times and other news publications. He has created original math and science curricula, emphasized the need for increased math and science funding, promulgated criteria by which to select math and science educators, advocated the importance of involving parents in K-12 math and science education, and provided myriad curricular solutions for teaching critical thinking in math.

Dr. Posamentier was a member of the New York State Education Commissioner’s Blue Ribbon Panel on the Math-A Regents Exams. He served on the Commissioner’s Mathematics Standards Committee, which redefined the Standards for New York State. And he served on the New York City schools’ Chancellor’s Math Advisory Panel.

Posamentier earned a Ph.D. in mathematics education from Fordham University (1973), a master’s degree in mathematics education from the City College of the City University of New York (1966) and an A.B. degree in mathematics from Hunter College of the City University of New York.


  • Pi: A Biography of the World’s Most Mysterious Number
  • The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers
  • The Pythagorean Theorem: Its Power and Glory
  • The Glorious Golden Ratio
  • The Secrets of Triangles
  • Geometry: Its Elements and Structure
  • Numbers: Their Tales, Types and Treasures
  • The Circle: A Mathematical Exploration Beyond the Line
  • Geometry in Our Three-Dimensional World
  • The Secrets Lives of Numbers: Numerals and Their Peculiarities in Mathematics and Beyond