Stocks and Bonds, Profits and Losses


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 95
  • Published Date: 1985


Stocks and Bonds, Profits and Losses is an introduction to the stock market and the world of financial investing including an explanation of stocks and bonds, the various trading that is done and how profits and losses are accrued. This book looks at the world of financial markets explores the basic principles of investment and finance for beginners and discusses such topics as the stock exchange, banking, inflation, recession, and mutual funds.

Author’s Introduction:

Nearly every person reading this book has probably, at one time or another, played the game of “Monopoly.” At the beginning of the game each player is given $1,500 to invest in real estate, railroads, and utility companies, and the player who turns his $1,500 into the most money wins.

Throughout the game, players try to increase the money they make, their profits (a profit is the money a business has left after its expenses are paid), by charging other players “rent” when they land on their property, or collecting payment for the “ride” should they land on their railroads, or charging them a varying fee if they land on the electric company or the water company and thus “use” those utilities.

In addition to money they get from their properties, players can win, or lose, extra money from other sources, depending on the cards they draw from stacks called Chance and Community Chest. There is one card, among many others, in the Chance stack that says “Bank pays you dividend of $50.00,” another from Community Chest that says “From sale of stock you get $45.00.”


  • Getting Down to Basics
  • The Bulls and the Bears
  • “Minds over Money”
  • Under the Buttonwood Tree
  • To Market, to Market,to Buy a Fat Pig
  • Lending Your Money
  • Pork Bellies and Profits