Intangible Finance Standards


  • Pages: 380
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2005


Intangible Finance Standards: Advances in Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

Intangible Finance Standards asserts that intangibles create financial transactions, not vice versa. It offers distinct, reproducible methods of valuing intangibles in intangible forms, with associated and meaningful financial values. It also presents new management frameworks in which all forms of intangibles can be classified, measured, managed, and reported.

Author’s Introduction:

Intangible finance has been designed to improve fundamental analysis and technical analysis, by providing a wide range of new intangible management reports developed in accordance with intangible management operating standards (intMgtOS®) (

Like those of all standards institutes, intangible management operating standards are recognized by a distinctive trademark. To identify intangible management operating standards, the registered trademark intMgtOS® is used. This trademark ensures a level of investor protection, as it can only be legally used by certified intMgtOS® Intangible Analysts qualified directly from

The information contained within this text is comprehensive and designed to give you the skills you need to start constructing your own intangible finance statements to assist with fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The book is divided into two parts:

Part 1 deals with new methods and techniques to upgrade fundamental analysis. New techniques of analyzing organizational performance are given, and a completely new management reporting system is introduced.

Part 2 deals with new methods and techniques to upgrade technical analysis. A wide range of new stock analysis methods are given, as are a wide range of new stock performance statements.

The breakthroughs presented within this book build on the concepts and methods presented in the book Intangible Management: Tools for Solving the Accounting and Management Crisis, Ken Standfield (Academic Press, 2002). I have deliberately not repeated key sections of that text but made references (where relevant) to the 2002 book throughout this book. You will find the book Intangible Management invaluable to your understanding of intangible finance, and I would recommend obtaining a copy for your personal library.


  • Advances in Fundamental Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage Valuation
  • Foundations of Intangible Financial Statements
  • Benchmarking Intangible Performance
  • Intangible Management Economy Fundamental Analysis
  • intMgtOS® and Other Standards
  • Advances in Technical Analysis
  • Intangible Analysis of Sectors and Industries
  • The intMgtOS® Economy Statement
  • The intMgtOS® Standfield Statement
  • The intMgtOS® Smart Money Statement
  • Pattern Return Analysis