141 West Jackson: A Journey Through Trading Discoveries By J. Peter Steidlmayer


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 151
  • Published Date: 1996


The purpose of 141 West Jackson is to enhance your market understanding. Your future success is your responsibility; there is no automatic, “foolproof’ formula. As you develop yourself as a trader, take particular note of the lessons of principle-those that have come from the market itself, and those coming from your own experiences. These will provide the basis of integrating market data into your own trading program.


In this book there are many uses of both the singular and plural in describing developments. Sometimes it’s I, sometimes we or us, depending on the way I just naturally felt about what took place at that particular moment. I ‘ ve been fortunate to have a lot of help throughout this project, including especially the full support of all those associated with me as well as those who believed in me.

It would be proper to acknowledge each person who was involved individually, but the contributions came from the whole Market Profile community, and that includes almost everyone I ‘ ve dealt with. I would like to single out the person most responsible for the existence of Market Profile: the former Chairman of the CBOT, Les Rosenthal. Leadership, unlike stewardship, calls for having a sense of direction, and more importantly a clear perception of how to let things proceed. To all of you who participated, I’d like to express my thanks for a very fun journey, and for your efforts in helping to make what I feel is a lasting contribution to the industry.

It is always difficult to find a clear way of expressing radically new ideas. And expressing myself is not my strong point in any case. I’d like to particularly thank my editors, Cynthia Brown and Robin Mesch, for their truly brilliant transformation, or perhaps I should say transmutation, of my rough manuscript into its present polished form.


  • What This Book is About
  • Getting Started
  • Market Discipline, Background, and Efficiency
  • Looking for the Purpose of the Market
  • Efficiency and its Role in Market Organization
  • How the Market Defines Itself
  • Capturing Market Data
  • The Importance of Two-Dimensional Expression
  • The Bell Curve
  • Updating Our Understanding of Market Profile
  • Looking to the Future–Data Arrangement
  • Price … The Market Messenger
  • Where Do We Go From Here?