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About the Author

Patrick J. Cusatis, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Finance at The Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg and is a consultant to financial institutions. Previously Dr. Cusatis was with Lehman Brothers, First Union Capital Markets, and Tucker Anthony Sutro and specialized in new product development, quantitative techniques, and hedging strategies. He was responsible for the financial modeling and implementation of Muni CHOPs, BPOs, Residual Interest Bonds (RIBs)/Select Auction Rate Variable Securities (SAVRs) Program; and a secondary market program using levered RIBs/SAVRs. Dr. Cusatis also was responsible for developing a call-valuation strategy model for issuers with multiple series of municipal bonds outstanding. Dr. Cusatis has published articles in the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, and the Municipal Finance Journal. He is coauthor, along with Gary Gray, of Municipal Derivative Securities: Uses and Valuation.