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About the Author

The late Mr. Parag Parikh was (and still is) a highly regarded and respected stock market veteran. Beginning his career as a stockbroker in the late 1970s, he founded Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Private Limited in 1992, which in turn has sponsored PPFAS Mutual Fund. He is especially renowned as a pioneer who applied the globally accepted tenets of Behavioral Finance while investing in Indian companies.

In a world where making anodyne, politically correct statements is the norm, he charted a different course with his candid, sometimes acerbic observations on the Indian financial sector in general and stock markets / mutual funds in particular. However, no one could deny that each statement had a ring of truth embedded therein.

Being a prolific writer and blogger, his contributions to various reputed publications helped in conveying his forthright opinions to eager readers. The two books authored by him viz. “Stocks to Riches” and “Value Investing and Behavioral Finance” enhanced his reputation as a thought leader and nudged readers to take a long hard look at their investing related foibles.