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About the Author

Mark Shipman is a highly successful investor and has made a personal fortune from backing his own judgement with his own money. He has been in the financial industry since 1979. Initially joining a major international investment bank and training in accountancy, he was rapidly promoted to the dealing room where he specialized in futures and options. In 1990, he left the City to establish one of the UK’s first hedge fund management companies and the following year achieved personal success by winning the World Professional Futures Trading Championship.

In addition to participating in long-term investment trends, Mark also consults to numerous City institutions including banks, brokers, hedge funds, headhunters, venture capitalists and even the UK financial regulator. His weekly investment diary can be found on the website. Away from the world of finance, Mark is an accomplished tournament poker player and a highly successful racehorse owner/breeder, with his distinctive maroon and light blue racing colours recently carried to victory in one of Europe’s richest races.