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Market Profile Trading Strategies: Beyond the Basics

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Market Profile Trading Strategies: Part 1 – Basics

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About the Author

Dr. Keppler is an active trader and the Director of the Strategic Trading Educational Program. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Finance, as well as a MBA and a PhD in Business. Dr. Keppler has taught at the University of Utah School of Business, the University of California, the College of Notre Dame, and the University of Baltimore. He has been a business professor and a strategic trader for more than twenty years.

As a business professor, he is well grounded in both fundamental and technical market analysis techniques. His trading experience includes trading stocks, ETFs, futures, Forex, options, and commodity futures. Dr. Keppler has traded in both U.S. and International financial markets. He possesses a unique understanding of the interrelationships between various markets and the delicate connections that exist between various trading instruments.

In addition to his university teaching experience, Dr. Keppler has presented numerous seminars and workshops throughout the world. He has published well-received research papers and articles on technical analysis, trading methods, trading strategies, risk management and market price action theory.

Dr. Keppler has also developed a variety of proprietary strategic trading systems and indicators. Utilizing his trading knowledge and educational background, he has developed the Strategic Trading Educational Program to help guide traders and investors through the maze of financial markets. Dr. Keppler is recognized for his unique and dynamic style of teaching; he thrives on interacting and coaching his students on the path of financial success.