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About the Author

Jesse Stine has never held a job on Wall Street. He is not on the financial speaking circuit. Against the advice of his marketing consultant, he does not have a blog or a promotional Facebook page. He does not wear a suit and he definitely does NOT appear as a regular guest on CNBC. As detailed in his book, Jesse does just about everything differently. He likes to say, “What everyone knows isn’t worth knowing and what everyone does isn’t worth doing.”

Jesse is an unconventional stock trading cowboy. During his career, he has had short-term account drawdowns of 61%, 64%, 65%, 75%, 100%, 100%, and 106%. In spite of his drawdowns, in non-overlapping periods during his career, he has had short-term (less than 1 year) personal portfolio gains of 111%, 117%, 156%, 264%, 273%, 275%, 300%, 371%, 1,010%, 1,026% and 1,244% (these last two in the same period- 7 months and 11 months, respectively).

Jesse is the founder of and is a diabolical student of market history as it relates to uncovering the market’s biggest gainers. His religious principles are independence of thought, visualization, and confidence….as they relate to financial markets. In a past life, Jesse studied Economics at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He received his MBA from Georgia State University in Atlanta. Jesse’s remarkable personal journey and 16-year courtship with the financial markets are detailed in his book “Insider Buy Superstocks”.