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About the Author

Howard Bandy, Ph.D. Dr. Bandy is uniquely qualified in technical analysis. His education includes university degrees in mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science. His graduate work focused on modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, and statistics. He continued his academic work, becoming a tenured full professor of mathematics and computer science, and university dean.

He has experience as a software developer, including the design and implementation of a program to select stocks and issue buy and sell orders. He was a senior research analyst at a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) firm, where he held a Series 3 license. He consults with and assists individual traders and trading companies in the design, testing, validation, and analysis of trading systems.

Dr. Bandy is the author of several recently published and best-selling books on technical analysis, including  Quantitative Trading SystemsMean Reversion Trading Systems, and Modeling Trading System Performance. His forthcoming book, Quantitative Technical Analysis: An Integrated Approach to Trading System Development and Trading Management, includes an introduction to machine learning for trading system development, along with his original work in the area of dynamic position sizing.