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About the Author

David Bennett grew up in the UK and, after joining IBM from school, graduated in 1969 with a Computer Science degree. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1973 and had a successful career in the pulp and paper industry, initially as an IT manager and later in human resources, before achieving his ambition to retire at the age of 50. Several years as chairman of trustees for a large superannuation fund, working closely with various professional fund managers, piqued his interest in finance.

Since retiring, he has travelled extensively, as well as serving as a community magistrate in New Zealand. However, his overriding passion has been trading, in many different styles. He has actively traded the derivative markets for over ten years. Having followed the sun he now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia with his partner and young son. He makes his living day trading futures contracts, traded in Chicago, over the internet. He specializes in the grains – wheat, corn and soybeans – futures contracts. He enjoys an occasional game of squash, and devotes a lot of time to keeping fit.