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About the Author

1990 to 2012 firstly an insurance agent, then Financial Planner and from 2009 to 2012 a Market Services Adviser (stockbroker). I developed a way for sniper targeting accuracy NO:1 Market Top Secret is the only book that shows a way for every day Traders to be over 95% accurate. I show you how you can have that greater than 95% accuracy. A chart, a calculator, applying basic maths, you can be over 95% accurate. The invention is simple & logical and shows you where the market is going to quickly up to 5 years in advance within days of turn.

now a year later and some feed back some find it great and follow easy the educated don’t like it. As you will see I am a Christian, and Jesus who could have talked about all manner of Quantum Physics and blown the mind of the most intelligent did not speak like that instead He spoke simply and the simple understood him and followed and were highly blessed. This book is not written for the Academic it is written for people who want to know the truth and it is written knowing that many people from different to the most basic of English would read it. So if you want the truth baby you got it in this book!

The Financial Markets move in mathematical patterns, Measure what we show you to measure (very basic pattern) and you WILL achieve a Targeting Accuracy over 95%. This is not Pattern recognition like Heads and shoulders, etc this is measuring part of the rhythms that the market provides and provide you with targets right up to the end of the trend! NO other book on the Markets do this My Book the NO:1 Market Top Secret is the only one, No or very little need for the following: But you may like to carry on this using these as a confirmation:

  • Indicators,
  • Moving Averages,
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Cycle Analysis,
  • Planetary Analysis
  • Timing Analysis,
  • Detailed Pattern Analysis (only very basic) is needed which comes under technical Analysis
  • Four Dimensional Analysis
  • Expensive Monthly Subscriptions
  • TV Business Channel NEWS
  • Watching the Screen for Hours on end

You may need to draw a couple of lines on a chart which means this comes under Technical Charting (minor pattern) Analysis. Just draw a couple of line make a measurement, compute out the targets, and watch it go there. A Simple process with Amazing Accuracy over 95%! And look what it saves you…..