Trading All Markets Webinar Recording By Joe Ross


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The truth is the truth, and it does not change. If it did, it would no longer be truth. The truth is that all markets are a reflection of human emotions, and that market movers take advantage of traders’ reactions to the price movement. It is really no more complicated than that. Our trading techniques and methods work, mainly for two reasons: We don’t make predictions, but we do make trading decisions based on The Law of Charts™.

Price forecasts in the trading and investment world rarely work. Nevertheless, a majority of traders base their decisions on such forecasts. Our techniques are different. We don’t use forecasts or make predictions, but instead look at charts and read what is in front of our eyes. Only take trades when we “read” a high probability for prices to move. Using The Law of Charts formations and other chart setups that we have developed during more than five decades of trading. The result is that shortly after entering a trade, the price moves to our first profit objective in 7 – 8 out of ten trades.

We use “Market Dynamics” to our advantage; that is, understanding WHO move prices, and WHERE, WHY, HOW, and HOW FAR prices move when they do so. Joe Ross’ quotes “Trade what you see, not what you think”, and “Get paid to trade” have become well known. Our students trade profitably because they have learned what to see by really understanding the reasons behind price movement.  This recorded webinar goes into lessons on Market Dynamics that show how insiders are able to manipulate the market.

The combination of the unique concepts of The Law of Charts™ and of Market Dynamics™ will give you incredible confidence to act, which is even more important than the trading technique itself. These two concepts are changing the paradigms about relative terms such as “failures,” “retracements,” “support,” or “resistance”. They actually change your trading life forever.

Important Webinar Modules:

1. The Market Dynamics: In this module you discover how markets really work, and who is mainly responsible for moving prices. You will understand why supply and demand has actually such a little impact on price movement, especially in intraday trading. You will learn to discover where the orders are, and what that means to your trading. We will show you how to get an edge in the markets. You will be given examples of insider engineering and ways to recognize the moves by insiders.

It is an absolutely revelatory experience to see, proved on the chart, that the ones who manipulate the markets play their own game over and over again, trading session after trading session. Once you understand and are able to spot their actions, you are ready to reap the benefits and get your profits out of the markets.

By using Joe Ross’ techniques described in Market Dynamics, you will learn WHERE prices are most likely to move next. You will understand WHY prices move when they do so, and why supply and demand have almost nothing to do with these moves. You will find out WHO moves prices, and HOW FAR they are most likely to move them.

What you understand from this module is probably the single most important thing you will ever learn in trading. You will get the knowledge of your role in the market. You will understand why it is important to learn how to “swim along with the sharks” and get fed by doing so, instead of being eaten alive. We will demystify what they teach you at prestigious universities and finance schools about the market roles of “being efficient” and the concept of “price discovery”.

2. Five of the Joe Ross’ favorite setups: You will learn five chart setups that give you clear entry signals and make profits fast. Joe has developed these setups during his more than five decades of trading. By combining the knowledge of Market Dynamics and these powerful setups, you will be able to select some of the best setups that generate very high probability trades. Be prepared for a shock when you see the simplicity and effectiveness of these setups.

3. The Law of Charts and The Traders Trick Entry: In this module, you will benefit from a review of the famous Law of Charts™ and the Traders Trick Entry™, presented in Joe’s own unique way that will enable you to read a chart and recognize the best formations of The Law. This skill in itself will increase your chances of selecting very high probability trades.

We’ll teach you how to take advantage of the Fibonacci, Gann, and Golden Ratio traders. You will be amused at how he does it, and you will see where the Fib traders make their biggest mistake. You will learn how to take advantage of momentum. In fact, you will learn that you shouldn’t trade unless you see the potential for momentum.

Let us show you insights about so-called breakouts and retracements, and other concepts such as support and resistance, oversold and overbought. You will understand why these terms are just a matter of convenience on how you see and interpret them. They work only until they don’t work anymore, so you will learn how to avoid getting trapped by relying on them in your trading.

4. The step by step complete trading plan: You will learn how to design your own complete trading plan, the same way a businessman makes his own market research and writes a detailed business plan ahead of actually starting a business. All the details are established in advance in the trade planning phase, so that even before you enter a trade you will know what to do in any situation in which you find yourself during the trade.

You will learn how to determine which market to be in, in which time frame to trade, and how many contracts to trade, in accordance with your risk tolerance and your account size. Joe will teach you where to place your stop loss, where to set your profit objectives, and even how to determine at what time of the day you should be trading.

The advantage of having a trading plan is that you will know exactly what to do at any time during the trade, which gives you confidence to act and execute the plan. Confidence to act effortlessly and the results coming from flawless execution of the plan will reinforce each other. You will be able to trade any market in any time frame once you learn the truths Joe teaches: trade stocks, futures, options, or forex.

5. Trade management and general management techniques: You will learn to determine the best trade management method for your personality and style of trading. Trading has to become your own, within your own level of comfort.  We will show you how to get there. You will learn to take only the trades “that have your name on them,” and feel that trading is an enjoyable endeavor.

Besides trade management, you will learn general management rules and procedures that you have probably never thought of applying to your trading. The personal management is the most important of all, but we’ll also take you through the other management areas, such as money management, risk management, and business management.

6. A defensive trading style: Unless you are a financial force in the market, you must learn how to trade defensively. We teach you exactly how to do that. You learn why it is necessary to trade defensively if you want be profitable in today’s markets. You will learn your internal and external enemies, as well as the mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.

Trading is a business, one in which different market participants have different roles. We’ll provide you with real examples of market manipulations. You will understand your role, learn with whom you swim in the markets, and what your chances of survival are. You get to understand that your only chance of winning is to trade defensively by using a trading plan and flexible rules.