The Theory and Practice of Investment Management


  • Pages: 910
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2002


The Theory and Practice of Investment Management: Asset Allocation, Valuation, Portfolio Construction, and Strategies

The Theory and Practice of Investment Management is the ultimate guide to understanding the various aspects of investment management and investment vehicles. Tying together theoretical advances in investment management with actual practical applications, this book gives you a unique opportunity to use proven investment management techniques to protect and grow a portfolio under many different circumstances.


Many books focus on the theory of investment management and leave the details of the implementation of the theory up to you. This book illustrates how theory is applied in practice while stressing the importance of the portfolio construction process.

The purpose of this book, The Theory and Practice of Investment Management is to describe the activities associated with investment management. Investment management—also referred to as portfolio management and money management—requires an understanding of:

  • how investment objectives are determined
  • the investment products to which an investor can allocate funds
  • the way investment products are valued so that an investor can assess whether or not a particular investment is fairly priced
  • the investment strategies that can be employed by an investor to realize a specified investment objective
  • the best way to construct a portfolio, given an investment strategy
  • the techniques for evaluating the performance of an investor

This comprehensive investment management resource combines real-world financial knowledge with investment management theory to provide you with the practical guidance needed to succeed within the investment management arena.


  • Foundations of Investment Management
  • Investing in Common Stock
  • Investing in Fixed-Income Securities
  • Investment Companies and Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Investing in Real Estate and Alternative Investments
  • Asset Allocation