The Ruth Miller Method of Trading Corn


  • Pages: 178
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 1994


The purpose of The Ruth Miller Method of Trading Corn is to assist you in making successful decisions in trading the commodity markets, especially corn. Much research has been done for you. When you use the projected sell date, determine the cumulative Sun degree and compute the 3 Target prices from the Square of Nine, you are now ready to enter the market or exit the market as the case may be.


In the park where we live I met a young man who also was interested in commodities. His father was trading in sugar when sky-rocketed. We spent many hours pouring over charts, our information, and reading materials. Joe attended a in Orlando which was conducted by an astrologer. On his Joe convinced me that astrology held the key to the markets.

I spent the summer in self-study. All of my friends thought the study of astrology was off limits, so to speak. I didn’t know enough to contact a society and eagerly waited for my return to Florida so that I could converse with Joe. I am forever indebted to Joe, for without his help I would never have become interested in astrology. Consequently, I would not have prepared a corn trading manual, or be conducting this seminar in Chicago today.

About five years ago, a friend gave me aset of the Earl Nightingale tapes. I played these 10 tapes over and over. I became hypnotized with the possibilities. The SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND theory had me convinced that it was worth a try. There were also rules to be developed for achieving your goal.

I wrote mine as was directed. I kept it in front of me, and made it a part of my life. My goal was not to earn money, become beautiful, start a new occupation, or travel to parts unknown but it was this: To unlock the secret of successful soybean trading.

I bought the daily price records of corn, wheat and beans starting from 1971 on. I made charts and more charts. I made daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. I bought books, the Gann Commodity course, attended seminars, and lived and dreamed the commodity world. I drew 26, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degree angles. I found some interesting facts, but only partial answers. My finding did not come in one glorious vision, but rather small bits and pieces as you will see from my manual.

I believe that after reading my manual and trying System III, you will agree that my goal has been reached, and that you, too, can benefit from it. Ask and ye shall receive.

received more than I asked for — the knowledge about soybeans opened the door to a greater understanding of trading corn. I am a novice in astrology, but my discoveries will provide you with all the information that you need to trade successfully. Also, you will be able to apply it to the other markets.

I did all my work without the aid of a computer. Some of you computer bugs will be able to refine this much further and add to the vast storehouse of knowledge that you already have.

Larry Pesavento has been a family friend for over 20 years. He contacted me several years ago when I told him where soybean oil would be trading at a certain date. His question, of course, was, “How did you know this that far in advance?” Hy answer was that it was astrological. Larry flew in and spent several days with me.

He has surpassed me in his knowledge of astrology in many respects for I have not studied the heliocentric effects which I am sure are important.

At that time I did not have the final piece to the puzzle. The final piece came when I was forced to write the manual. By checking and rechecking data for accuracy I found the last and important link that I have been avidly searching.

My request to all who buy my manual is that you use it to trade for yourself and others without revealing your source of information or the method you use.

I am indebted to the person who shared the article written about w. D. Gann and his wheat trading in 1906. Gann knew that wheat would go off the board at 120. Little did they know that it would open up a whole new world for traders some 80 years later. You, too, will acquire this knowledge.

Hany have asked why I have been willing to share my discovery. I really don’t have an answer. When I told Larry that I was ready to share, he offered to help me. As an unheard of personality in the commodity world I have appreciated this very much. I have always felt the good that one does for others will be returned tenfold. The camaraderie that I am experiencing has been exciting through the many telephone friends I am meeting.

When you have finished studying this manual you should be able to do the following:

  • 1- Know how to read an ephemeris;
  • 2- Identify the Moon aspects with Uranus, especially the Moon square Uranus, and locate them in the aspect section of the ephemeris;
  • 3- Calculate the cumulative degree of the Sun;
  • 4- Use the Sun degree and the Square of Nine to compute the trading range of any commodity for any day of the year;
  • 5- Know whether a commodity is trading above, below or on target;
  • 6- Understand why the 5 cent stop is important in the grains;
  • 7- Be able to re-enter the market with a reasonable degree of confidence if stopped out or away from the market for some time;
  • 8- Recognize points on the Square of Nine which give small profits and points where the most points are likely;
  • 9- Recognize the points where pull-backs are likely to occur.