The Forex Trading Course


  • Pages: 236
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2007


The Forex Trading Course: A Self-Study Guide To Becoming a Successful Currency Trader

The Forex Trading Course will force readers to think outside the box and to develop an appetite for the pursuit of knowledge about trading.


This book is written for the purpose of providing a getting started guide in forex trading. It, however, is not only for the person new to forex, but for those who have tried to trade forex but received mixed results through trial and error.

It is also for those who have experience in trading other markets and seek to apply that experience to forex. They will be able to build upon their experience and gain new insights into how to approach forex. Those who have achieved a level of initial success but seek to optimize their performance will find training strategies and tactics particularly useful.

The underlying premise of this book is that traders are not born—they evolve. Our goal is to sharpen the insights and the skills of the reader by providing both fundamental and technical knowledge that are common to successful traders.

An underlying philosophy of this book is that successful forex trading requires a total approach that integrates fundamentals, technical analysis, and psychology.

The book is organized as a self-paced sourcebook. Each chapter topic is in essence a module of knowledge, which can be read individually or sequentially.

  • Part I  focuses on the forces that move prices, also known as fundamentals.
  • Part II  focus on technical knowledge—how to read and analyze charts.
  • Part III  provides strategies for testing one’s knowledge and skills in the real world of trading.


  • The Fundamentals of Forex
  • The Role of Inflation
  • Exploiting Information About Economic Growth
  • The China Factor
  • The Commodities Connection
  • How Business Confidence and Consumer Sentiment Affect the Market
  • Fundamental Personalities of Currencies
  • The Personality and Performance of the U.S. Dollar
  • Conducting Your Own Fundamental Analysis
  • Mapping Price Action
  • Finding Significant Support and Resistance
  • Volatility in Forex and Its Dimensions
  • Chart Formations and Price Patterns You Should Know
  • Trading Styles and Setups
  • Alternative Setups and Trading Strategies
  • The Right Way To Use Simulation Accounts
  • Strategies and Challenges for Different Account Sizes
  • The Path to Success in Forex Trading
  • Test Your Forex IQ