The Complete Trader By Mark Douglas and Paula T. Webb

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  • Pages: 457
  • Published Date: 2007


The Complete Trader: The Definitive Guide to Mastering the Psychology of Market Behavior to Instill a Winning Trader’s Mindset

Every trader today needs to understand not only how the markets interact with each other, they need to know how their thoughts interact with how they perceive market data. The markets are made up of the collective energies from every single trader across the planet and to be able to see true market data, every trader needs to know what they are thinking at any given moment, so they can take advantage of profit opportunities when they present themselves. The markets are not a computer game being simulated through electronics. The markets are driven in every direction by the thoughts and then actions of all traders. Find out what you don’t know about market behavior and your own psychology, and learn the true dynamics of thinking like a winning trader.

Author’s Introduction:

The point I am getting at here is that if you do not know what you are “worth” then it won’t matter what system you have, what platform you use, how good your analysis is – if you don’t know who you are, what your mindset is, and what you specifically want to achieve with your trading – it simply won’t manifest. And one of the best ways to begin to learn just what it is you want to achieve is by reading this book, and understanding how price movement affects your perspective, and your trading – which is key to you creating and maintaining an upward equity curve with each and every trade.

One thing also to keep in mind here is that there is a live person on the other side of each and every trade you make. Trading is not a computer game! I don’t care who may have told you that – trades are simply facilitated or matched through an electronic means – however, there are live traders on the other side of each trade or set of trades placed.

Now, you will never know “who” or what firm may be on the other side of your trade or set of trades, but there is an actual live person, another trader or group of traders, or the manager of a hedge fund, or brokerage firm – quite possibly thinking in a similar manner as yourself as to where the market may be headed, but more than likely those traders will have a different perspective or belief as to what direction the markets may be headed – on the other side of your trades. This, dear readers, is what makes the markets move. Pure emotional energy.

So by understanding what price movement is, price movement created by another live person; price movement created by their unique mindset and individual emotional energy, and how it correlates to the markets – this will assist you in knowing that this is a “live” game – this is a moving energy field – the markets are “alive” shall we say, with each and every trader’s perspective and beliefs based on their interpretation of their analysis and their trading system, giving the markets constant motion through their own unique creative expression and opinion as they put on trades themselves.

The Complete Trader is a labor of love for Mark and I – Mark specifically wanted to share his expertise, rather all that he had learned during his storied career, especially for those of you new(er) to the markets, and those of you who have never had the luxury of seeing, or being on, one of the exchange trading floors. He hoped that this book would dispel many myths about trading for you – as well as propel you into a higher sense of yourself and your personal trading accomplishments.


  • To Produce Consistent Results, You Need to Learn to Think Like a Pro
  • The Psychological Complexities of Trading
  • Analysis is Not the Key to Achieving Consistent Results
  • The Mechanics of Price Movement – It’s All About Order-Flow
  • The Anatomy of a Trade
  • The Various Sources of a Buy/Sell Order-Flow Imbalance
  • Understanding Technical Analysis from a Buy/Sell Order-Flow Perspective
  • The Inherent Limitations of Technical Analysis
  • Understanding the Illusion of Analysis
  • Why It Is So Dysfunctional to utilize Analysis to Assure Ourselves of Winning and Avoiding Losing
  • In the Trading World Mental Perspective are Considered Primary Skills
  • Building a Mental Foundation to Produce Consistent Results
  • The Slot-Machine Perspective
  • Are Traders Who Use Technical Analysis to Speculate on Price Movement Gambling?
  • Review
  • Installing a Probabilistic Mindset
  • Mechanical Trading
  • Subjective Trading
  • Intuitive Trading
  • The Importance of Knowing Yourself ~ As a Trader