Market Profile and Netzero Options By SMB


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Two course in one pack. Market Profile and Netzero Options By SMB Foundation.

Market Profile course teaches you to: See beyond price. Develop a framework for deep market understanding, Learn the 10 Laws of Market Dynamics, Trade smarter as you see how Market Profile complements any existing trading skills. This course closes the gap between traditional MP teachings and actionable trading concepts, See true Risk:Reward– not made up like other methods, Know how to ideally manage trades based on the current market condition and  See what the market is attempting to do. You’ll be amazed at the insight you gain

Netzero Options course gives you: An options trading style that removes complexity to reveal a simple and elegant solution to generating high risk adjusted returns. The specific trading strategy that won the Top P/L spot in the 2016 SMB Options trading competition as well as the highest 12-month return on the SMB Options Desk. A new trading mentality that will change the way you think about options strategies. A specific trading plan for the 60-40-20 Broken Wing Butterfly Netzero OptionsTM Strategy. The steps to construct your customized portfolio of Netzero OptionsTM trades.

Market Profile Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Auction Market Theory
  • Market Profile Basics Construction, Terms, Uses
  • How Can We Use This Stuff?
  • Market Condition
  • Introduction, Lessons from Yesterday’s Markets
  • Composite Profiles Primer
  • Building and Using Composites
  • S&P500 Example Work
  • Introduction, Lessons from this Morning
  • 10 Laws of Market Dynamics
  • Visuals for the 10 Laws of Market Dynamics
  • Acceptance
  • Wrapping Up
  • More Analysis
  • Follow Up 1
  • Follow Up 2
  • Emphasizing What’s Most Important

Netzero Options Contents:

  • Zero-based thinking in options trading
  • Structural edge vs. strategic/directional edge
  • Definitions and metrics in Netzero trades
  • Where the edge comes from in Netzero trades
  • Sizing principles
  • Disconnecting emotions
  • Basic structure of the first Netzero trade
  • Greeks and software differences
  • 60-40-20 overview
  • Strict entry and exit rules
  • Trade examples and long term back test results
  • 3+ HOURS of Example Netzero Trades with Day-by-Day review and commentary
  • Modifying strikes for Net Delta vs. Individual Deltas
  • Modifying strikes for mean reversion edge
  • Modifying strikes for Beta weighted portfolio net zero delta
  • Sizing by risk
  • Execution process
  • Getting a fair price at entry and exit
  • Differences between five figure and seven figure trades
  • Reasons to perform additional back tests
  • The steps to build your own succesful netzero trade