Investing For Dummies


  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 457
  • Published Date: 2017


In Investing for Dummies, best-selling author and nationally renowned personal finance expert Eric Tyson shows you how to make your money work for you with rock-solid advice that’s stood the test of time. Steering clear of flashy get-rich-quick schemes, Tyson offers a slow-and-steady approach that can work for everyone from young professionals just starting their careers to baby boomers who want to bulk up their nest eggs just before retirement.

Investing didn’t seem so fun anymore. However, even though the downturn was the worst in decades, it had similarities to prior downturns, and people who kept their sense of perspective and followed my advice have enjoyed tremendous returns since the market bottom. I know from working with people of modest and immodest economic means that they increase their wealth by doing the following:

  • Living within their means and systematically saving and investing money, ideally in a tax-favored manner
  • Buying and holding a globally diversified portfolio of stocks
  • Building their own small business
  • Investing in real estate

This book explains each of these wealth boosters in detail. Equally if not more important, however, is the information I provide to help you understand and choose investments compatible with your personal and financial goals. To build wealth, you don’t need a fancy college or graduate-school degree, and you don’t need a rich dad (or mom), biological or adopted! What you do need is a desire to read and practice the many simple yet powerful lessons and strategies in this book. Seriously, investing intelligently isn’t rocket science. By all means, if you’re dealing with a complicated, atypical issue, get quality professional help. But educate yourself first. Hiring someone is dangerous if you’re financially challenged. If you do decide to hire someone, you’ll be much better prepared if you educate yourself. Doing so can also help you focus your questions and assess that person’s competence.


  • Exploring Your Investment Choices
  • Weighing Risks and Returns
  • Getting Your Financial House in Order
  • The Workings of Stock and Bond Markets
  • Building Wealth with Stocks
  • Investigating and Purchasing Individual Stocks
  • Exploring Bonds and Other Lending Investments
  • Mastering Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Choosing a Brokerage Firm
  • Investing in a Home
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Real Estate Financing and Deal Making
  • Assessing Your Appetite for Small Business
  • Starting and Running a Small Business
  • Purchasing a Small Business
  • Selecting Investing Resources Wisely
  • Perusing Periodicals, Radio, and Television
  • Selecting the Best Investment Books
  • Investigating Internet and Software Resources
  • Ten Investing Obstacles to Conquer
  • Ten Things to Weigh When Considering an Investment Sale
  • Ten Tips for Investing in a Down Market