Integrated Pitchfork Analysis (Volume 1,2,3)


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  • Pages: 1239
  • Published Date: 2009


Mircea Dologa – Integrated Pithfork Analysis

Mircea Dologa – Short Term Trading. Integrated Pithfork Analysis

Mircea Dologa – Theory & Practice. Integrated Pithfork Analysis


Dr. Mircea Dologa – Integrated Pithfork Analysis


The Birth of Pivots and the Pitchfork.

Choice of Pivot..

The Magnetic Power of Median Lines.

The Mini-Median Line.

Warning Lines..

Trigger Lines.

Sliding Parallel Lines.

Unorthodox Trend Lines..

Multiple Pitchfork Trading.

Schiff Pitchforks and Affiliates..

Action and Reaction Lines..

The Gap Median Line.

Breakaway and Runaway Gaps.

Fibonacci Price Lines.


Mirror Bars.

Energy-Building Rectangles.

The Pitchforks’ Journey Through Multiple Time Frames.

Case Studies and Money Management.


Integrated Pitchfork Analysis  –  Volume 2

Short-Term Trading – INTEGRATED  PITCHFORK  ANALYSIS – Advanced  level


Chapter   1 – Context of the Trade

Chapter   2 – Pre-open Preparation

Chapter   3 – News Trading – Overnight & Intra-Day Unfolding

Chapter   4 – Inter-markets Analysis – Fundamentals  –  Real-Time Use

Chapter   5  –  Elliott Waves – Real-Time & Intermediate-Term Use – Pitchforks Intricacy

Chapter   6  –  Original Tools for Impulsive Pattern End

Chapter  7  –  Channelling – Pathways in the Sand  – Market Move Projections

Chapter  8 – Variable Time/Price Location of Pitchfork’s Anchor

Chapter  9  –  Variable Time/Price Location of the Anchor in Schiff Pitchfork

Chapter 10  –  Fibonacci & Momentum Bar Counts related to Pitchfork’s Pivots

Chapter 11  –  RSI  and Pitchfork Synergism

Chapter 12  –  Stochastics & Pitchfork Synergism

Chapter 13  –  OSC(5, 35) and Pitchfork Synergism


Short-Term Trading – Integrated Pitchfork Analysis  –  Volume 3

Short-Term Trading  –  INTEGRATED  PITCHFORK  ANALYSIS  Advanced  Level

Chapter 1  –  Bollinger & Keltner Bands –  Pitchfork Synergism Indispensable tool  for  volatility trading

Chapter 2  –  Multiple Time Frame Floor Pivots & Mark Fisher Pivots Magical tool borrowed from the floor traders – pinpointing the market’s price action

Chapter 3  –  Inceptive Rectangles in Symbiosis with Pitchforks Two “mal aimés” brothers, almost never working  together

Chapter 4  –  Integration of Pitchforks in Profitable Chart Patterns Poorly mastered by the crowd,  though efficient tool

Chapter 5  –  Fibonacci  &  Lucas Time Tools Prolific projecting tools – wrongly labelled as “hard to grasp concept”

Chapter 6  –  Kinetics and Trading of Various Types of Gaps Highly profitable tool of experienced traders unveiling the myth of gap trading

Chapter 7  –  Horizontal Ellipses: An Original Trading Tool New Ways of Market Flow Embedding & Breakout Detection

Chapter 8  –  Pitchforks through the Multiple Time Frames Pitchforks brotherhood tested by time-wise relationships

Chapter 9  –  Wolf Waves as an Intra-Day Tool Ergonomic tool for low risk high probability trades

Chapter 10  –  Intra-day Jenkins’ Tools Geometric tools for projecting  pivots – quantifying & qualifying the “time-price space”

Chapter 11 –  Mastering the Real-Time Gann Tools Apparent “hard to grasp tools” revealing the endogenous cyclical nature of prices (S/R levels)

Chapter 12 –  Case Studies: Risk &  Money Management