Integrated Pitchfork Analysis (Volume 1,2,3)


  • Pages: 1239
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2009


Integrated Pitchfork Analysis:

Volume 1 is focussing on developing the basic knowledge of the pitchfork analysis through the market dynamics and the morphology of the pitchfork (market kinetics and study of pitchfork’s structure: definition, form, inflexion, derivation and compounding).
No prior knowledge of trading is required.

Advanced Level 2:

Volume 2 describes the multiple integrated methods on basic and intermediate levels, which will greatly improve the practice of pitchfork trading, thus giving the astute trader the edge of profitable consistency. As a result, he/she will continuously be a step ahead of the crowd.

Advanced Level 3:

Volume 3 presents the intermediate and advanced methods guided by epistemologyprinciples: the presentation of the knowledge in a modular manner associated with the practice of it, through the analysis of real-time cases with greater emphasis on Risk and Money Management concepts.
The Integrated Pitchfork Analysis advanced concept, described for the first time in these books, will not only build the trader’s confidence, but it will also offer a global and unique real trading professional edge, to be used by the trader, in his every day practice.