How To Trade the New Single Stock Futures


  • Pages: 212
  • Format: PDF
  • Published Date: 2003


How To Trade the New Single Stock Futures provides answers to help you understand and profit from the single stock futures (SSF) market. As time passes and experience with the markets grows, so will our fund of knowledge. New strategies beyond those to be discussed here will be developed in time, perhaps leading to a revision of this book.


The goals and objectives of How To Trade the New Single Stock Futures are to achieve the following:

  • Educate stock traders, investors, and speculators in the essential aspects of futures trading in order to provide for a smooth transition into SSF trading.
  • Educate futures traders and speculators in the essential aspects of stock trading as well as provide for a smooth transition into SSF trading.
  • Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between stock trading, investing, futures trading, and SSF trading.
  • Explain the functioning and trading mechanics of the SSF market.
  • Present specific trading strategies, systems, and methods that can be used in the SSF market.
  • Provide specific examples and illustrations of trades from inception to conclusion to illustrate several trading scenarios and strategies.
  • Illustrate trading strategies that combine SSFs and their underlying securities.
  • Explain and discuss spreading opportunities using SSFs.
  • Examine such pragmatic considerations as order entry and online SSF trading.
  • Illustrate several viable day trading methods in SSFs.

Given that the SSF market is still in its infancy as this book is being written, changes will inevitably occur over time. Some of these changes will be significant: New applications will be discovered; new strategies will be developed; and new trading methodologies will emerge.

In addition, there will be more to learn. Those, however, who are prepared with a basic and functional understanding of how the SSF market works will have a solid base on which to add new information. A firm footing is essential to a profitable future.


  • The Biggest Bull Market in History Comes to an End
  • The History of Futures Trading
  • The History of Stock Trading
  • The Basics of Stock and Futures Trading
  • Synthesis: The Marriage of Stocks and Futures
  • Aspects of Fundamentals
  • Technical Aspects
  • Major Categories of Technical Indicators and Trading Methods
  • Spread Trading in Single Stock Futures
  • Effective Order Placement
  • Advanced Technical Methods for SSFs
  • Seasonal Strategy for SSFs
  • The Psychology of Single Stock Futures
  • Day Trading Single Stock Futures