How to Trade Stock Options: Profiting in Up and Down Markets By Travis Wilkerson


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How to Trade Stock Options is a beast and not for the faint of heart. You will not be able to complete it on a comprehension level in a day, week, or even a month. Once you do cross the finish line, you will have learned a lifetime skill that very few people have, which is incredibly satisfying. Travis is extremely knowledgable, and just as thorough as demonstrated by the 140+ lessons that you get with this course. It is by no means the be-all end-all of trading, but you would be hard pressed to find a better or faster way to start trading options successfully.

Travis’ best lessons are actually not the ones where he talks about trading but rather attitude and mindset. He makes a lot of great points on how you need to think to be able to be a successful trader. He is right when he says it is not about learning strategies but rather learning how to manage your emotions and trade what you see not what you think will happen. Anybody that wants to learn how to trade options should sign up for this course. The instructor Travis builds a foundation for trading options that is essential for any trader.

What is nice about this course is that it goes beyond just the technicals of how to trade options and teaches you two key things that the majority of trading courses don’t 1) How to choose stocks to trade on 2) How to manage your money to prevent loss. Travis also clearly has a passion for making people successful and presents a steady, measured approach to trading using an instrument that is extremely volatile. As far instructional design goes there are times when the course borders on death by analogy and death by repetition, with the same concept being covered over and over again even in lectures that aren’t 100% related. This obviously comes from Travis’s experience of people not listening to the concepts, so he feels like he has to repeat them over and over again to drive them home.


  • Getting Started – Managing Your Expectations and Building a Strong Foundation
  • Income Freedom, The Option Profit Formula – Discovering Our Freedom Formula
  • Work Once, Get Paid The Rest of Your Life – The Work Pay Ratio
  • The 5 Year Retirement Plan – A Speed Up Retirement Blueprint
  • Option Basics – Lesson 1 What are Stock Options and Why Are They So Profitable
  • Option Basics – Lesson 2 What Gives Options Their Profit Potential
  • Option Basics – Lesson 3 Learn the two core strategies that drive your success
  • Option Basics – Lesson 4 Learn how to read stock charts like a pro
  • The 10 Minute Trading Strategy – A Proof of Concept Exercise
  • Bonus Buy and Manage Secrets – The Strategy We Used to Triple Our 401K Account
  • The Three Most Important Questions Answered
  • Learn How to Trade Options With the DMA template
  • DMA Exit Strategies
  • Successful Trade Management
  • Money Management Myths
  • Example Trades – Watch as I Trade This Strategy and Show You How to Succeed
  • Course Bonuses
  • Option Profit Hall of Fame
  • Q and A Call Replays and Market Update Videos
  • Buy and Manage Secrets Version 2 and Bonus Monthly Cash Flow Strategy