Fields of Vision DVDs By James Dalton

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In Fields of Vision DVDs, Jim Dalton will show you how to interpret market-generated information and help you develop a market understanding and confidence that enables you to rely on your own ability to trade the markets.

Everything Jim Dalton could share in a six and half hour video is included on these four DVDs. The 128 page full color workbook has additional comments from Jim and areas to record your thoughts as you go through the material.

In addition, when you purchase this DVD set, you become a J Dalton Trading Client. Immerse yourself in real-time trading that employs market-generated information and market logic. This program focuses on the application of the concepts and trading approach laid out in the Field of Vision DVDs and workbook.

This 18 hour training program offers a complete recording of Jim Dalton’s sold-out Chicago seminar. Join Mr. Dalton as he walks traders through market analysis and preparation on Day One, followed by narration and trading of live markets on Day Two and Day Three. This is the perfect trading resource for people who are familiar with Jim Dalton’s approach and want a more comprehensive view of his trading process, mindset, and employment of the Market Profile®. This program includes 44 Trading Articles and a Seminar Curriculum Workbook on disc to guide traders through a detailed, in depth study of Jim Dalton’s trading approach.