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Four-Dimensional Stock Market Structures and Cycles is the first set of 2 books and contains the first ten lessons in the 4 book course. Although the stock market is used for examples, the techniques are universal and can be applied to any market. This award-winning home-study course teaches market analysts how to make accurate financial market models predicting price-time action years into the future. These techniques combine geometry with cycle analysis to pinpoint turns in both price and time.

This is the fourth book in this unique series and is arguably one of the most valuable source of market information ever printed. A statement like this is not made lightly because hard facts have to be provided to prove it. Market Dynamics does what has never before been done by anyone, anywhere, at any time. It provides a model, based on a simple number series, that defines every major turning point in price-time. The resolution of this model is shown to be within two cent-days over the entire historical record of soybeans, beginning in 1913.

The Rare Writings of W D Gann contains some of the most valuable WD Gann Courses ever written by the father of technical analysis. It contains his secret technical analysis methods applicable to the stock and commodities markets that were once known only to a handful of people.  During the 1930’s these same WD Gann trading courses sold for thousands of dollars. It makes a fine addition to any trader’s library.

Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory identifies the pentagonal spatial relationship between recurring market patterns and shows how to accurately forecast their expected repeat date. W.D. Gann stated that time was the most important factor for traders. Knowing when to expect a trend reversal adds a powerful tool to the traders arsenal. In this book Cowan shows how every major panic and trend reversal for the last 100 years has been accurately timed using the pentagram and planetary cycles.

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