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WD Ganns Master Time Factor

WD Ganns Master Time Factor – The Astrological Method By Myles Wilson Walker

It was over ten years ago that I first released The Master Time Factor Method on DVD.

In the 1990s I discovered this method embedded in the text of WD Gann’s book ”The Tunnel Thru The Air” (1927).

I had been using the method extensively by the time that I first published “WD Gann’s Master Time Factor” in 2007.

Many thousands of trades later and after questions from people who bought the original course I have completed an update that incorporates all the improvements that I have developed since. The success rate is still high around 80 to 85% depending on the particular market but I have streamlined the process of calculating and have eliminated minor ambiguities in its application.

The DVD version used a simple break of the cycle days range as the entry. Now there are four different entries that can be taken on 4 hour or lower time frames on the cycle day that eliminates large stop losses.

WD Gann stated that time was the most important thing and knowing when a high or low is due we can use this information to structure a Gann style trading campaign for any market.

Now you will know if you should be buying dips or selling rallies.The astrological method that Gann used in all the “Robert Gordon” trades in his book ”The Tunnel Thru The Air” is revealed.

This method is still working today across all the actively traded markets to pin point swing high & low dates. A question that crosses many Traders minds at one time or another is, “How do I find the cycle for a specific market?”

Most markets do have totally different dates as highs and lows. WD Gann said that he found a Master Time Factor that allowed him to precisely time individual markets highs and lows.The Master Time Factor is not based on fixed cycles, in fact it appears if you were to just look at the price chart you would not be able to detect these “hidden cycles” That is, until it is pointed out and then you can see how perfect it is.

Master Time Factor Contents

Chapter 1:  MTF Introduction
Chapter 2:  Gann Square of Price and Astrology
Chapter 3:  The WD Gann Trading Campaign
Chapter 4:  Fixed Cycles
Chapter 5:  Repeating Recreating Aspects Simple
Chapter 6:  Observational plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 7:  Repeating Plus Hidden Cycles
Chapter 8:  Long wave cycles large planets repeating or linked
Chapter 9:  Astro Tools
Chapter 10:  Trading patterns mentioned in Videos

WD Gann specificly wrote about astrology and his use of the planets

During the last 10 years of his life WD Gann specificly wrote about astrology and his use of the planets was strictly mechanical rather than interpretive. I consider this approach is more astronomical rather than astrological.

Traditional astrology assigns a meaning to planets in positions on the degrees of a circle. You’d be familiar with this in the form of newspaper horoscopes.

Gann didn’t use astrology like this, there was no meaning or interpretation of a planets position. Gann focused & taught how a planets position measured cycles. it was purely mechanical and we have this in his own writing.

In no case does he ever place an interpretation on a planets position.

Instead the Master Time Factor fits in with Gann’s supreme law of repetition and he embedded this particular technique in the text of his famous book ”The Tunnel Thru The Air”.

WD Gann said that his methods were based on mathematics and this is true when you consider that a planets position can be calculated exactly to the degree and minute for any time in the past and for any time in the future. This makes it very easy to test and to prove this practical application of the Master Time Factor.

In this course I will teach you exactly how to get the timing points, also how I determine if they should be traded and then how I actually trade them.

After all, the profitable application of timing with regard to trading is our whole reason for acquiring this knowledge.

I believe this is one of the world’s best trading methods because it gets you into trades very close to the absolute turning points and maximizes profits on winning trades.​

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Come Into My Trading Room

Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading By Alexander Elder

Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading

In Come Into My Trading Room, noted trader and author Dr. Alexander Elder returns to expand far beyond the three M’s (Mind, Method, and Money) of his bestselling Trading for a Living. Shifting focus from technical analysis to the overall management of a trader’s money, time, and strategy, Dr. Elder takes readers from the fundamentals to the secrets of being a successful trader–identifying new, little known indicators that can lead to huge profits.

Come Into My Trading Room educates the novice and fortifies the professional through expert advice and proven trading methodologies. This comprehensive trading guide provides a complete introduction to the essentials of successful trading; a fresh look at the three M’s, including a proven, step-by-step money management strategy; and an in-depth look at organizing your trading time. Come Into My Trading Room reviews the basics of trading stocks, futures, and options as well as crucial psychological tactics for discipline and organization—with the goal of turning anyone into a complete and successful trader.

By showing traders how to combine the elements of mind, method, and money, Come Into My Trading Room gives readers the knowledge and insight to enter the market with confidence and exit with profits. Unparalleled depth and a wide range of coverage will keep all levels of traders engaged, informed, and returning to Come Into My Trading Room again and again.

Get The Course Work Book:

Come Into My Trading Room: A Complete Guide to Trading.pdf

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Ultimate Gann Course

Ultimate Gann Course By David Bowden

Ultimate Gann Course By David Bowden

  • How to combine Price and Time analysis in your trading
  • How David Bowden predicted market moves
  • How to increase your profitability whilst managing your risk
  • See how David Bowden performed his market evaluation and capitalized on a few key trades
  • Learn how to identify pressure dates up to one year in advance
  • Learn how to trading into and out of your pressure dates – and take profit at both ends
  • How and when to use Price Forecasting, Advanced Entry Strategies and Stop Strategies
  • How to implement advanced concepts like Time by Degrees™, Squaring Time and Price and Squares
  • How to decide when to stay out of the market

In the Ultimate Gann Course you will start to learn some of the key principles David used in his long-term forecasting techniques.

The Ultimate Gann Course has been written for those who wish to apply pure Gann methods of time and price to their trading calculations. Building on the lessons you have learnt in the first two programs, the Ultimate Gann Course takes your trading to a new level as it introduces you to many of Gann’s advanced techniques. Squaring Time and Price, Time by Degrees and how to calculate it for any market, Forecasting and the Power of Squares are all covered in this course.

DVD 1 (Introduction, Key Form Reading , Concepts – including, Position of the Market)

DVD 2 (Swing Charts ,  How to make the most money out of the market)

DVD 3 (Time By Degrees , Determine likely tops and bottoms, calculate them for yourself. A New Way of Looking at Things – with a natural timing cycles and numbers.)

DVD 4 (Squaring Time and Price – Gann’s methods of determining dates of tops and bottoms)

DVD 5 (Squares and their application and the psychology of trading)

DVD 6 (Trading Plans – see how each plan fits into the big picture)

DVD 7 (Tricks of the Trade – speed angles and equal ranges (Gann’s 1950/51 Soybeans lesson).)

DVD 8 (Trading Mastery – David shows you exactly how he enters each trade and pulls everything together.)

DVD 9 (Long Term Forecasting – examples of how David puts together long term forecasts.)

Predict market moves , Increase your profitability! This is your ultimate guide to trading effectively!

Get The Course Work Book:

Ultimate Gann Course – Workbook.pdf

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Gann Secrets Revealed

W.D. Gann Secrets By Tom Strignano

W.D. Gann Secrets By Tom Strignano

You are about to embark on a great crusade, toward which many traders have striven. You have chosen to learn about the great Gann Trading techniques. For the professional trader the quest for information becomes ever more essential as they hone their skills. We all want a way to forecast the question “Where is the market going?
The statistics hold true that 90% of all participants that trade Forex will lose. That leaves 10% of the over all profits to the skilled few. If you tell a professional and profitable trader that he is just lucky, he will justifiably laugh in your face. The few who make money trading forex do so because they have studied and know how the market works. They have applied themselves to learn all the tricks, the false moves, the human mistakes that occur, that lead to profit opportunities. In short, they know how to read the market. You have decided to embark on this journey, a deep congratulation is in order.
You are doing what the majority of the 90% do not do, so pat yourself on the back two times, no one else will. Most of the people that come into Forex want a push button solution, Forex Robots are the rage, they always fail for many reasons. This is why by taking this knowledge that I am about to give you, and doing further study you can be successful. In this E-Book I will give you what I feel were the most import aspects of Gann’s trading techniques. Will will learn how to build a Gann Market Map. A way to map the market to see what it is telling us, therefore give us the ability to design a trading plan using the most current technical analysis. Gann relied heavily on astrology, I am not going to go into detail about astrology with Gann.
Why? Because I don’t use it. I will just give you the math to follow, and the Gann Calender Dates.

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W.D. Gann Secrets By Tom Strignano.pdf

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The Power of the Hexagon

Myles Wilson Walker – The Power of the Hexagon 

Myles Wilson Walker – The Power of the Hexagon

Since publishing my book Super Timing in 1999 I have received numerous letters asking for more information on how to use the 1908 method on the Hexagon to produce accurate Price Targets. This book has been written in response to those letters. I believe that my initial tentative work in Super Timing briefly touched on the potential of the 1908 method as an intraday system of trading.
This latest and final work contains a deeper level of understanding in systemising the Hexagon as a practical trading tool with the emphasis being on intraday trading.The reason that the focus is on intraday price targets is because they can be used by day traders and also traders who want to trade at price on time cycle days.The Power of the Hexagon details my discovery of the Hexagon sequence and its practical application to everyday trading.The method is laid out in a step-by- step process that is easy to follow and to implement.Also this is the last book of the three. The first being Super Timing the second Profitable Forecasting and now, The Power of the Hexagon – The Complete 1908 Intraday Price Target Method.Quite a few books have been written about the Square of Nine, I personally have not been able to use the Square of Nine satisfactorily but have achieved excellent results with the Hexagon. It took me several years to unlock the Power of the Hexagon but turning this information into a workable trading strategy took even more time as I formulated a set of repeatable and robust rules.These rules are laid out clearly and without ambiguity for you to follow. There is no astrology in the book and it’s focused 100% on trading. This is a complete system with entry and exits. Even though the emphasis is on intraday there is a system adaptation suitable for end of day trading. The Euro currency and British Pound system typically uses 10 to 15 pip stops on entry with the profit takes being 100 plus pips. The correct way to use the Hexagon is laid out step-by-step with plenty of clear illustrations. As they say a picture can be worth a thousand words so there are also 90 minutes of training videos showing exactly how the system is traded live.

Get The Course Ebook:

Walker, Myles Wilson – The Power of the Hexagon.pdf

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